Debra Macking, LMT, MA
FL LIC #MA30051
Since 1999

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Out-Call massage will be available again soon! I am offering the following Gift Certificate options though others may be availble via e-mail. I have hit a few snags (read below) and really working to get over 60 certificates sold before the end of April!

Get a Gift Certificate for 2 One Hour Massages for $120
(2 for you, 1 for you & 1 for someone else, 2 for another person/people)
A Gift Certificate for a One Hour Massage for $70
(for you or another person)

To purchase the Gift Certificates contact me via a message on facebook or call/txt me at 727.277.2021

Massage Out-Call Appointments will be available starting on Thursday May 22nd! At which time out-call appointments will be available from 11am till 6pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some additional hours may be available. Appointments can be made for most anyplace within the greater Tampa Bay Region at these prices (approximately 50 miles from area code 33756).

If you are very close to downtown Clearwater there is a chance that before May 22nd I can do an out-call massage or that a client can come to my residence. As a note after May 22nd I will be raising the prices to $80 for a 1hr out-call or $140 for either a two hour or two one-hours paid together (or two people).

Disclaimer & Massage Information: This is professional massage therapy work. I have been licensed since 1999. I am experienced in deep tissue, neuromuscular, relaxation, energy, and other modalities including Meditational Massage.














Ren Faire is over with and it is time to get back to working on this site and other things... which can't happen too soon because sadly most money saved from Festival is already gone or soon will be with bills.
At the moment I am working to raise $3,000+ to take care of a few things, one of which is the back door/hatch for my car which has been broken since the end of last year. The result of this is that I am unable to do much in the way of out-call massage. Additionally some old medical problems have revisited (hopefully just briefly) that have already required more than I would have liked and will cost a bit more moving forward. If you would like to know more about the vehicle or medical/other things you may read the information below or find me on facebook ( and send me a message.

My goal is to get enough pre-orders to at least pay for the door/hatch of my car to be fixed so I can easily travel with the table and ideally to also pay the other bills I am having/facing.

As to the vehicle:

CarEssentially an accident resulted in the spare being pushed in thus pushing in the back door and breaking the back window. The hatch (back door) is unable to be opened which is why it is not easy to do out-call massage. Once the door is repaired (prices will vary from $800 to $1600 depending mostly on the cost of the door) I will totally be back on track. My car has 302,000 miles with the original clutch and runs quite well. I am very happy with the car!

As to the medical. Some may know that from 2004 to 2012 I faced a lot of problems. It appears that at least some of those problems have revisited me (hopefully not to any lasting or great degree and a wealth of experience helps to ensure that). Now before other mention it yes I searched and searched through the ACA programs and as it is, even with a subsidy, I could not afford the premiums and even when the premiums were mildly affordable the deductibles were well over $1,000. I have two specialists I have seen for a few years, ones that got me on track after many years of various doctors and hospital stays, and thus people I need to keep seeing. Calculated out my yearly bills still came to less than the cost of the deductibles plus monthly premiums. In the past massage would easily pull in the extra money to see my doctors with challenges only between pay periods with teaching. My goal of getting the pre-paid massages and with the car fixed going back to at least part time massage work each week is to be able to easily afford what will hopefully have just been a 'glitch in the system' and ideally set things in a much better direction.

If you have questions regarding the car, health, or any other questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on facebook, through, or phone.

Thank you,

Debra Macking, LMT, MA