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Mini Meditations

Debra J.M. McDermitt, LMT, MA
Massage Therapist & Healer

Course Time / Format:
Individual or Group focused.
Varries upon request!

Course Description:
From tv/internet, heath studios, medical offices, or even at the local coffee shop discussions of meditation are increasing. These discussions range from various practices to the multitude of benefits. One of the main aspects of meditation centers on the awareness of our mind and body. Mindfulness meditations come in multiple styles, can be made to suit most every individual, and the techniques learned applied to a variety of other forms of meditation, exercise, and daily life. By discussing and experiencing these meditations one not only will grow in their understanding of Mindfulness and Meditation but also in their connection to themselves and the world around them.

This course will explore various meditations on Mindfulness as well as touch on other forms of guided and self-meditation. Students will be introduced to various aspects of meditation and activities that are focused on or can be made to be focused on improving Mindfulness. Students will also be expected to create meditations both for the individual and group related to Mindfulness.

Learning Objectives:
*Give examples and definitions of Meditation, our five Sense, and Mindfulness.
*Understand the five senses and how each relates to improving Mind/Body connection.
*Be able to provide information on personal experiences with Sensation Meditation.
*Be able to create activities that revolve around Mindfullness and Meditation.

Included Reference Materials:
* Various articles and sites that are related to Mindfulness, Meditation, and the Senses will be provided at no additional cost to student including the possibility of a variety of essential oil blends, food, and similar.

General Course Outline: Varries by request.

Grading Scale:
Non-Credit Course

Physical Contact Statement:

Due to the nature of this course, students are advised that physical contact between the instructor and student, or student to student may occur for some assignments and as part of some discussions and experiences. If you have concerns about these requirements, you are encouraged to discuss these with the instructor prior to the next class session to determine if appropriate alternative instruction or assignments exist. If you do not think you will be able to participate to the extent required by the course, you are encouraged to drop the course.Additionally, food and various scents may be incorporated into this class. If you have senstitivities to certain foods or scents please inform the instructor prior to attending the class.