Debra JM McDermitt, LMT, MA
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Introduction & Basics

Debra J.M. McDermitt, LMT, MA
Massage Therapist & Healer

Course Time / Format:
Varies in time, roughly one to two hours.
Lecture, Discussion, Brief Activity

Course Description:
Often times we lose track of our surroundings, find it hard to focus, and difficult to relax. Mindfulness is most easily understood as a deep awareness and stretches to embrace a connection between the mind, body, and the world around and within us. Learning about Mindfulness and some of its applications can help you focus, become more aware of your surroundings, and be able to better relax.

This course will delve into the understandings, definitions, and uses of the practice of Mindfulness. By use of materials from areas of Psychology, Medicine, Alternative Therapies, and Meditation practices a basic knowledge of what Mindfulness is and the benefits of it will be discussed. To further understand aspects of Mindfulness we will practice a number of Mindfulness activities.

This basic overview is designed to be a short course or lecture that will introduce the concept of Mindfulness. Additional course opportunities will be discussed as well.

Learning Objectives:
*Give examples and definitions of Mindfulness
*Be able to briefly describe general history of Mindfulness
*Be able to list ways which Mindfulness is beneficial

Included Reference Materials:
* Various articles and sites that are related to Mindfulness.

General Course Outline: Time devoted to class topics may vary based on primary format of course and interest.
Class - Topic
1. Introduction: What is and definitions of Mindfulness.
2. Exmples of Mindfulness
3. Overview of Mind/Body connection

Grading Scale:
Non-Credit Course

Physical Contact Statement:

Due to the nature of this course, students are advised that physical contact between the instructor and student, or student to student may occur for some assignments and as part of some discussions and experiences. If you have concerns about these requirements, you are encouraged to discuss these with the instructor prior to the next class session to determine if appropriate alternative instruction or assignments exist. If you do not think you will be able to participate to the extent required by the course, you are encouraged to drop the course.Additionally, food and various scents may be incorporated into this class. If you have senstitivities to certain foods or scents please inform the instructor prior to attending the class.