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Including simple stretches, relaxation points, & energy work.

Debra J.M. McDermitt, LMT, MA
Massage Therapist & Healer

Course Time / Format:
This course consists of mini-sections that will cover specific areas or conditions. In general the course time is 10 to 20 hours.

Course Description:
That tension in your back, arms, hands, feet, and many other places can experience relief by massage techniques you can use on yourself. Massage is often associated with the day spa, medical office, or with a professional providing the therapy. The fact is massage includes many forms of hands on healing and ranges from the neck rub you give a loved one to rubbing your feet. This course will go over a range of self-massage techniques that you can use to relieve tension in your body. These techniques will include use of stretching, relaxation points, energy work, and using various items around us to assist in relieving tension. The class will include a general understanding of massage, a review of massage modalities for self-use, a simplistic overview of anatomy, and experience in the classroom learning techniques.

Learning Objectives:
*Be able to give definitions and examples of forms of Massage.
*Be able to locate different parts of the body.
*Be able to explain some contraindications to massage.
*Be able to demonstrate techniques of self-massage.

Included Reference Materials:
Materials from the internet, books, and personal work knowledge will be used. Handouts will be provided with information.

General Course Outline/Topics: Course can be designed to discuss any or all of the following. Additionally course may be geared more towards energy work, traditional massage, or combinations.
1. What is massage, forms of massage & associated healing paths, equipment and items for self-massage. Class will include in-depth look at and experiment with different items/tools.
2. Discussing contraindications, mind/body connection and body awareness in healing, and basic anatomy. Class will include an energy exercise involving therapeutic touch to wake-up, become aware, and create relaxation throughout the body.
3. Head, Neck, and upper Back. Simple anatomy, massage techniques with various modalities, stretches, and specific points tied to headaches.
4. Lower Back & Abdomen. A review of simple anatomy, a look at healing techniques, and a focus on stretches, movements, and use of items to relieve tension will be included.
5. Hands & Feet. Simple anatomy, massage techniques with various modalities, and stretches will be covered
6. The whole body. Routines to provide quick or longer relief to the whole body that range in time will be practiced. Additional discussion to include ways of incorporating other modalities and practices, that can be used individually, into daily practice.

Grading Scale:
Non-Credit Course

Physical Contact Statement:

Due to the nature of this course, students are advised that physical contact between the instructor and student, or student to student may occur for some assignments and as part of some discussions and experiences. If you have concerns about these requirements, you are encouraged to discuss these with the instructor prior to the next class session to determine if appropriate alternative instruction or assignments exist. If you do not think you will be able to participate to the extent required by the course, you are encouraged to drop the course.Additionally, food and various scents may be incorporated into this class. If you have senstitivities to certain foods or scents please inform the instructor prior to attending the class.