Debra JM McDermitt, LMT, MA
FL LIC #MA30051
Since 1999

Articles and Videos

Courses! - Please note all courses & lectures are in the process of being revised!

Upon request I offer both individual and group courses.
Prices can vary based on the course and number of people in attendance.
Some classes are free or by donation.
General Rates:
One - Two people: Most classes will be $20 each
Three to Eight People: Most classes will be $15 each
Eight or more people: Varies depending on space needed.

To request information or setup a class please send an e-mail.

Classes and lectures offered by affiliates will be listed at the bottom of this page.
If you would like to have a course or lecture you are teaching or participating in listed please e-mail me.

**Unless otherwise stated courses are:
1. Not for credit
2. Do not meet requirements for any form of certification beyond a possible passage/attendance certificate from AchievingLife or affiliate.
3. Do not meet requirements for or include licensing in any modality or field.
4. Are taught by individuals that have varying degrees of education, experience, and licensure. See Bio's on Course Pages for Affiliate Links or visit Bio for Debra McDermitt (link coming soon!)
5. Courses are information based and may provide hands on, research, experience, online activities, or have additional requirements.**


Religion & Spirituality Courses Courses:

  • Survey Discussion of World Religions
  • Religion & Healing: Survey of Modalities and Perspectives
  • Religion & Healing: Research and Ethics
  • Life After Death: Survey and Discussion of Beliefs
  • Religion & The Environment
  • Religion & Food
  • Spiritual Development: Based on religious/spiritual system.
  • Specific Look at Wicca & Paganism
  • Specific Look into Tribal & Indigenous Religions
  • Understanding the Sacred: Various lectures and activities!


Diversity & Dialogue and Other Life Improvement Courses:

  • How to have constructive dialogue regarding ideaologies
  • How to move past the ego and better relate to unity via diversity
  • Experiencing Diversity
  • How Diversity is key to life success
  • Developing life goals & planning
  • Discovering Your Life Paths


Healing, Massage & Meditation Courses: