Debra Macking, LMT, MA

Is Massage Right For Me?

The benefits of and variety of styles of massage make it right for just about everybody!!
What one wants to do is to learn about and experience a number of the massage techniques and find out what one is best for you. Some people thoroughly benefit from deep tissue massage where others receive the most benefit from relaxation or energy work. The degree of stress, tension, and injury along with goals for massage play a role in determining which form of massage is best for you.

As a note, certain medical conditions prohibit different styles of massage due to possible complications. Additionally, taking medications such as blood thinners may limit or prohibit massage.

It is wise to always inform all other health care practitioners that you are going to be receiving massage and to inform the massage therapist of all health and health related aspects of your life that you are being seen by another practitioner for (or should be).




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