Debra Macking, LMT, MA

Musculoskeletal System's Benefits:
• Massage increases the blood supply and nutrition to the muscles.
• Massage helps muscles recover more quickly from exertion and fatigue.
• Massage relaxes muscles, reducing spasm, tension and cramping.
• Massage reduces adhesions (knots) and fibrosis.
• Massage stretches connective tissue, rearrange its shape, and reduce myofacial strain and chronic shortening.
• Massage improves the circulation and nutrition of the joints and can increase joint range of motion.
• Massage helps to reestablish proper tone in muscles.
• Massage reduces muscle and soft tissue pain.
• Massage reduces joint strain and compression through releasing tight muscles and tendons.
• Massage increases ease and efficiency of movement.
• Massage supports increased work capacity and metabolism.
• Massage increased retention of nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorous in the bones and thus aids in fracture healing.
• Massage can stimulate muscle contraction.




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