Debra Macking, LMT, MA

Are you the right therapist for me?

Well, that is a good question and the answer depends on a number of factors. Most of these factors can not be easily determined until you have had at least one and possibly two massages. However, even prior to your first massage there are standards you should look for in any massage therapist. So, whether you choose me or someone else something you want to look for:

Are they licensed in the state of Florida to provide massage? You can visit to lookup a Massage Therapist and view their license information. My license number is MA 30051.

How long have they been practicing? From the above license look-up you can view the original license was issued. While going to new therapists can have its benefits from lower costs to the idea that they are fresh from learning anatomy it is my belief that in searching for the right fit often it is better to work with therapists who have been licensed at least 3 to 5 years. In this time they have encountered many clients and have a better working knowledge. I have been practicing since 1999 and through that time have gained much knowledge from various clients, continuing education hours, working in variour environments, and continuing to read about areas of health and healing. If you work with me as your therapist you are getting a therapist with over 14 years experience!

IF you are going to a business for your massage sessions you want to look for the space to be clean, to know that the sheets/towels/etc are being changed for each client, that the business is running appropriately.
If you are getting massage in the comfort of your home it is also important to know that the therapist is using clean sheets/towels/etc on you and operating in an appropriate fashion.

In the end one of the things that matters the most with a massage therapist is that you feel comfortable with them. While it takes time to discover some of that, usually one or two massages, a good therapist will be glad to see you initially to talk about massage, answer questions, and to see if there is a basic trust and comfort level. Even though the vast majority of my work is out-call clients I am willing and encourage new clients to meet with me before scheduling their first massage. In this consultation we will better be able to determine your needs and wants, my abilities and plan to assist you, and whether there is a general level of comfort with each other!

My priority and that of any good therapist should be making every effort to insure that the client is always treated well, respected, listened to and safe. 




~ Thank You ~
Always remember: Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn!

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